At Ava, we want to transform how businesses see their raw materials from start to finish.

We created Ava because we couldn’t find a good solution in one of the most critical areas for large manufacturing companies: raw material supply chain management.

What others saw as the status quo, we saw as the next frontier, the future of supply chain productivity. So we made it our mission.

Ava is the next-generation platform designed to help you manage, assess, and optimize your raw material supply chain.

What makes raw materials so different?

Our easy-to-use platform will take the hassle out of navigating your supply chain to make the right decisions.

Our core features will help you increase transparency and flexibility in your raw material supply chain.

Parts & BoM DatabaseMaterial Database
Translates product BoMs into material usage, integrating engineering, manufacturing, and purchasing requirementsHouses the technical and commercial details of each raw material variant, details that drive quality and cost for your products
Pricing Matrices & CalculatorSupplier Portal
Allows your organization to dissect the cost structure for each unique material variant based on its specificationsEnables new supplier discovery and provides an interface for customized feedback and true value-oriented supplier relationship management
Automated Quote FeedbackQuick Reports
Provides incumbent and prospective suppliers with an in-depth view of where they are (and are not) competitive, and what that means for their businessDesigned to support negotiations with pre-set templates and charts to make your discussions fact-based
Material Equivalence ToolSupply Chain Optimization
Translates material specifications across regions and industries to facilitate grade comparison, standardization, and optimizationRecommends an optimized supply chain network balancing cost against your organization’s pre-defined constraints
Risk Management ToolIndustry Benchmarks
Helps your organization understand its full risk baseline and facilitates discussions to mitigate risk through hedging or supply contractsAllows you to compare your cost structure against similar organizations and across industries to pinpoint opportunities